Hello Everybody,

My name is Paige Cassidy Coetsee otherwise known as The Yogi Paige. I am 30 years of age, tiny and feisty. I love movement in any form. Whether I'm moving mind or body, I just like to be challenged really. Welcome to my self-made website, it has taken four years and I am still learning & still making mistakes. Here is a brief history about my movement.


My Story

Best way to start my story is I am a recovering addict. I have been choosing to live life differently for 7 years now. To be honest I was just a hurt kid and needed some help and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I bring this up first and foremost because this is the base of my teaching - Power of the Mind. You know that saying "you are stronger than you think?!" Well ... you actually are! That beautiful busy brain has the power to change old thinking behaviors into new, beautiful, challenging ways of thinking. Now the hard part is it takes time and effort to change these behaviors but/and if anything in my yoga classes I want to create a space where people believe they have all the power to change, to grow, to love more, to say no more, to breathe more, to think more & to think less & the most important one of all - to feel more. To feel everything you are. To create an understanding that you deserve everything you wish for, you deserve everything you work hard for.

So if anything, all I would like to teach is how beautiful you truly are.

To End . . .

I also did ballet for 16 years, I have traveled & meditated with the Buddhist, Myanmar Monks, I have done one sitting of 10 days of silence, went to rehab for 9 months & travelled to India to be absolutely mind blown by the place, if anything I love a physical, mental, spirtiual & emotional challenge.